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Kilburn Feast £1 Paper Quiz

£1 Paper Quiz

The piece of “Mouseman”, manufactured by Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Limited, Kilburn, was won by      J. A. of Telford

The quiz raised £470, with 178 sending in their submission, most with the correct answers.  The winning entrant was drawn at random from these.

The answers were the names of breeds of dogs.  Clues were a mix of anagrams, word searches and cryptic crossword type clues”.

1 Could be an Aztec rushing (5,9) GIANT SCHNAUZER

2 How rhino fluids can be the answer (5,9) IRISH WOLFHOUND

3 Second class bird of prey (6) BEAGLE

4 Husband’s toe for fictional Fred (6,5) BASSET HOUND

5 Scramble line-up scrambled (7,7) CLUMBER SPANIEL

6 Lingered over tree endlessly rambling (6,9) GOLDEN RETRIEVER

7 Trump’s wall would stop one from here (9) CHIHUAHUA

8 Sounds a little hoarse (5) HUSKY

9 Green thistles confused home-grown crossword compiler (7,6) ENGLISH SETTER

10 Michael, do open the case holding me up (6) POODLE

11 Hungry doe can make one fast (9) GREYHOUND

12 Brain comprehends, but is confused (8,8) DOBERMAN PINSCHER

13 These are ideal - or can be (8) AIREDALE

14 Harpies messed up, leaving one with a crumpled face (4,3) SHAR PEI

15 Unshaven coal miner, with docked tail (7,6) BEARDED COLLIE

16 Libretto rendering one from the north (10,7) BEDLINGTON TERRIER

17 Throw in the towel if you can’t get the better of me (5) BOXER

18 Initially stop and look up key indicators (6) SALUKI

19 He dodges the plans for an island one (8,8) SHETLAND SHEEPDOG

20 Spotted one from Croatia (9) DALMATIAN

21 Big one, discovered in a modern country (12) NEWFOUNDLAND

22 Eat in garden? - Crazy (5,4) GREAT DANE

23 Back in big upturn (3) PUG

24 Follow after one from Kabul (6,5) AFGHAN HOUND

25 Used to be qualified to work on gas appliances (5) CORGI

The 2019 Kilburn Feast Paper Quiz was available from the following locations, whom we thank for their support:

 The Mouseman Cafe, Kilburn

 Thirsk Garden Centre & Cafe

 Towlers newsagents, Easingwold

Elijah Todd newsagents, Helmsley

 Yorkshire Gliding Club

Brooke’s Service Station, Cafe & Store, A19 near Shipton