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Kilburn Feast £1 Paper Quiz

2018 £1 Paper Quiz

Thank you to the 550 people who bought a quiz paper and the 128 who sent in their answers. Of these, 38 were correct. Congratulations to all those with the right answers, but there could only be one winner and that was Alison Boyle who lives near Pickering.

1) The aristocracy (5-3-6) Lords and Ladies

2) Plant unwanted even by a huge pig (5,7) Giant Hogweed

3) Check out front of church (5) Vetch

4) Standard paving stone (4) Flag

5)”Little ….. Wren” moving very slowly and quietly (8,5) Creeping Jenny

6) … now with great haste and feeling fine (9) Speedwell

7) Hash for a dolly bird (9) Chickweed

8) Bob uses it in cooking (4,6) Herb Robert

9) Cereal in bloom (10) Cornflower

10) For example a boxer got up (3,4) Dog Rose

11) OAP crushed to powder (6,5) Ground Elder

12) Initially riders and gardeners weed out rampant thistle (7) Ragwort

13) Land niece in trouble (9) Celandine

14) Used in flavouring or seasoning (5) Gorse

15) You’ll find this around under logs (9) Groundsel

16) If it’s in the sofa, then we’ll be uncomfortable (3,3) Fat Hen

17) Busy little insect in very ordinary surroundings (8) Plantain

18) Flatter someone to excess whilst keeping a cold front (9) Buttercup

19) Feeling down – give someone a call (8) Bluebell

20) Does this arrive for nothing? It would seem so (7) Comfrey

21) Rather tatty feature of many Christmas cards (6,5) Ragged Robin

22) An ocean of salmon (3,4) Sea Pink

23) I say, the comic cat it’s a big one (9) Dandelion

24) Feed a new-born but not with this darling (11) Honeysuckle

25) After this there’s fun to be had with men and balls (8) Snowdrop

26) Perform backwards as part of a duet in ocarinas (7) Aconite

27) Disorientated Rose takes an extra right and finally a left (6) Sorrel

28) In a field of fruit trees I replace last half of pear (6) Orchid

29) Hear the turmoil (7) Heather

30) Is it curtains? In more ways than one (6,10) Deadly Nightshade

The 2018 Kilburn Feast Paper Quiz was available at the following locations, whom we thank for their support: