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The 2015 Kilburn Feast Was Very Successful in Every Way

The charity quiz on the Friday evening, “Kilburn Does Pointless”, was a sell-out and was enjoyed by all.  Alne Hall Cheshire Home was the winner taking away £250. 

Well over 100 people, mostly villagers and their guests, attended the Saturday afternoon picnic at High Kilburn and watched a fascinating and thrilling demonstration by the International Centre for Birds Of Prey, based at Duncombe Park.  Afterwards, 24 teams set off on foot competing in a Treasure Hunt around High Kilburn and Kilburn – well done the Miles family  for winning. Also on the Saturday afternoon was the dog scurry, which attracted a record number of entrants.

Saturday evening saw the Forresters Arms full of people watching and participating in a traditional quoits competition and the famous Mouse Derby.

Sunday afternoon attracted 283 runners in the renowned 7-mile Kilburn Road Race.  Hundreds of people, including many families, enjoyed the games, music, raffles, the Silent Auction, and stalls overflowing the village square.  Late afternoon, following an open air church service, dozens of villagers and visitors watched the Duck Race on the village beck and the famous Lord Mayor and "Lady" Mayoress parade; a tradition dating back many years.  The Lord Mayor, appointed for just one day, toured the village in a top hat and sash of office, accompanied by the “Lady” Mayoress (a young man in female clothing and makeup).  Proclaiming his authority, he inflicted small fines on householders and visitors alike for any misdemeanour, real or invented.

The Feast raised a record sum of money for local charities.  

The Feast has made donations of £5,525 to:

Photographs and other details of the 2015 Kilburn Feast can be found elsewhere on this website, which attracted nearly 1400 visitors in the two weeks leading up to the 2015 Kilburn Feast.

The Friends of the Feast thank villagers, visitors, and the Feast’s sponsors for their very generous support.

A Video of the 2015 Kilburn Feast

Thank you to the many donors and sponsors, who helped to make the 2015 Kilburn Feast a great success.  In addition to the people and organisations listed above there was also generous support from; Monk Park Farm Visitor Centre, The Forresters Arms and Duncombe Park Birds of Prey

2015 Feast

2015 Feast