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We are pleased to announce that

Podfit and Star Fitness will again

be sponsoring the Kilburn 7 Road Race.

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Kilburn Feast

    TV celebrity Peter Wright of “The Yorkshire Vet”

To open the Kilburn Feast  - the Famous Family-Fun Fete  

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Kilburn  Feast  7th - 9th  July

See the programmes taking shape for Saturday & Sunday

We are delighted to announce that Peter Wright has kindly agreed to open this year’s Kilburn Feast, to start the Road Race and to award the prizes.  He and Julian Norton are the stars of television’s The Yorkshire Vet, the hit fly-on-the-wall Channel 5 documentary series.

The Yorkshire Vet follows the work of Julian and Peter, two of the partners at Thirsk’s Skeldale Veterinary Centre, the practice where the late Alf Wight worked (he wrote the bestselling books under the pen name James Herriot).

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